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In a rare case of “Who’s Minding the Store?” The Producers at ABC’s Good Morning America decided it was a good thing to give Greg Autore about 5 minutes of air time on a national, live streaming podcast.

The shtick is to do a short sketch as the bar tender of a Tatooine Cantina to teach people how to make some appropriate drinks from a galaxy far far away. Interacting with the anchor, I would have been showing how to make three special drinks. 

Why where they doing all this? It was all part of the celebration of 40 years of Good Morning America. They will be celebrating the event by running 40 hours of an on-air and live streamed event. This will feature celebrity performances, special events and the reunion of the Morning Show’s previous anchors. One hour of that time will be spent discussing Star Wars and the upcoming release of The Force Awakens.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties with streaming the live video forced the show to move on to another segment and this was not aired.  But, we taped the full scene for the amusement of all geeks everywhere.

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